Barber Dime Values

The Barber Dime was minted by the United States government from 1892-1916. It is 17.9mm in diameter, composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, and has a net weight of .0723 oz. pure silver. The coin takes its name from its designer Charles E. Barber Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from 1879 until his death in 1917. The Barber dime series includes one of the rarest coins in all of U.S. numismatics. There are only 10 known examples of the 1894S dime. All of the known 1894-S dimes are proofs, and all were struck from the same set of dies. It is believed that there were originally 24 proofs struck and there is great speculation as to the fate of the missing 14 coins.

Barber DimesG4VG8F12VF20XF40AU50MS60MS65PF65
1892 O $11.40$15.20$38.00$62$76$95$150$1235..
1892 S$62$120$190$240$285$335$405$3800..
1893 O$28.50$48.00$130$165$200$495$310$3135..
1893 S$13.30$23.75$42.75$52$86$150$310$4275..
1894 O$67$95$200$285$380$665$1520$13300..
1894 S................$17100000
1895 O$355$525$855$1235$2375$3800$5700$19000..
1895 S$38.00$57$135$190$240$310$525$7125..
1896 O$71$145$280$335$405$715$1045$8075..
1896 S$76$135$285$310$380$525$760$3800..
1897 O$67$120$285$380$430$665$950$4275..
1897 S$19.00$38.00$95$130$190$260$430$4275..
1898 O$11.40$28.50$105$165$240$260$475$3800..
1898 S$9.50$16.20$38.00$57$81$165$405$3800..
1899 O$10.50$19.00$76$120$165$240$430$4750..
1899 S$8.55$16.20$38.00$42.75$48.00$105$285$3325..
1900 O$19.00$38.00$120$165$240$380$690$5700..
1900 S$5.70$7.60$13.30$19.00$33.25$76$190$1900..
1901 O$3.80$6.65$17.10$28.50$86$190$430$3135..
1901 S$81$165$380$475$570$715$1045$5225..
1902 O$3.80$6.65$15.20$33.25$67$165$4230$4275..
1902 S$8.55$20.90$67$95$145$190$380$3800..
1903 O$3.80$5.70$14.30$25.75$52$105$265$4275..
1903 S$95$145$380$570$760$905$1235$3515..
1904 S$48.00$76$190$260$335$475$760$4275..
1905 O$4.75$9.50$38.00$57$95$145$260$1900..
1905 S$3.80$4.75$9.50$19.00$48.00$105$240$950..
1906 D$3.35$4.75$9.50$16.20$38.00$95$190$1900..
1906 O$5.70$14.30$57$81$105$145$215$1235..
1906 S$3.80$5.70$13.30$23.75$48.00$105$260$1330..
1907 D $3.35$4.75$9.50$19.00$48.00$105$285$3800..
1907 O$3.80$7.60$38.00$57$71$105$190$1425..
1907 S$3.80$5.70$16.20$28.50$71$165$430$1900..
1908 D$3.35$3.80$7.60$11.40$33.25$67$115$1425..
1908 O$5.70$14.30$48.00$71$95$150$310$1900..
1908 S$3.80$5.70$11.40$23.75$52$175$250$2375..
1909 D$7.60$19.00$71$105$135$240$475$2850..
1909 O$3.80$7.60$13.30$23.75$52$95$190$1615..
1909 S$9.50$17.10$76$120$180$310$570$3040..
1910 D$3.35$4.75$9.50$19.00$48.00$105$240$1615..
1910 S$5.70$9.50$48.00$81$120$215$475$2375..
1911 D$3.35$3.80$4.75$8.55$25.75$67$95$595..
1911 S$3.80$4.75$9.50$19.00$42.75$105$215$1045..
1912 D$3.35$3.80$7.60$7.60$23.75$67$95$595..
1912 S$3.35$3.80$7.60$13.30$33.25$95$165$1045..
1913 S $33.25$52$120$190$240$335$475$1900..
1914 D$3.35$3.80$4.75$7.60$23.75$67$95$595..
1914 S$3.35$4.75$8.55$19.00$42.75$81$165$1140..
1915 S$6.65$11.40$33.25$52$71$135$245$1425..
1916 S$3.35$3.80$5.70$9.50$25.75$71$105$880..

These prices for Barber Dimes are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in numismatic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection.

Some notes about grading:
  • G - Good: Major design elements are outlined but details are gone; the date may not be sharp (but should be readable) and the rim may not be complete.
  • VG - Very Good: Major design elements, letters and numerals are worn but clear.
  • F - Fine: Major elements are still clear but details are worn away.
  • VF - Very fine: Light even wear on high points, all lettering and design details are sharp.
  • XF - Extremely Fine: All design details are sharp; some mint luster remains.
  • AU – About Uncirculated: Traces of wear with at least half of the original luster remaining.
  • MS-60 – Mint State: A perfect coin with bright consistent luster and no scratches or contact marks.
  • MS-65 - Mint State: A gem coin - blemish free with sharp strike. Here it is presumed to have been professionally graded.

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