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China Stamp Values

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1902-3 Designs of 1898 Unwatermarked Perforated 12-16

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
½ centBrown - Dragon$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
1 centOchre - Dragon$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
1 centOrange - Dragon$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
1 centBrownish Yellow - Dragon$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
2 centScarlet - Dragon$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
4 centOrange Brown - Dragon$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
5 centRose Red - Dragon$1.80$3.00$14.40$24.00
5 centOrange - Dragon$1.80$3.00$12.00$20.00
10 centDeep Green - Dragon$1.20$2.00$9.00$15.00
20 centRed Brown - Carp$1.20$2.00$14.40$24.00
30 centDull Red - Carp$1.20$2.00$14.40$24.00
50 centYellow Green - Carp$1.20$2.00$24.00$40.00
$1Red & Pale Rose - Goose$11.40$19.00$85.00$120.00
$2Brown Red & Yellow - Goose$27.00$45.00$200.00$300.00
$5Deep Green & Salmon - Goose$120.00$200.00$320.00$450.00

1905-10 Dragon Color Changes

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
2 centGreen$1.20$2.00$1.20$2.00
3 centSlate Green$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
4 centVermilion$1.20$2.00$1.95$3.25
5 centViolet$1.20$2.00$2.70$4.50
5 centLilac$1.20$2.00$3.15$5.25
5 centMauve$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
7 centMaroon$4.80$8.00$7.50$12.50
10 centBlue$1.20$2.00$10.20$17.00
16 centOlive Green$7.80$13.00$31.80$53.00

1909 Temple of Heaven - Peking

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
2 centOrange & Green$3.60$6.00$3.00$5.00
3 centOrange & Blue$8.40$14.00$4.20$7.00
7 centOrange & Brown Violet$4.20$7.00$5.40$9.00

1912 Foochow Provisional Neutrality

As the Revolution unfolded, stamps of 1902-1910 were overprinted "Provisional Neutrality" by the Foocow Postal Administration. The purpose of this overprint was to declare the neutrality of the Post Office that it might continue providing mail service. There was controversy over the wording of the overprint, and the stamps were quickly withdrawn.

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
3 centSlate Green - Dragon$80.00$110.00$190.00$250.00
$1Red & Pale Rose - Goose$1,450.00...$1,550.00...
$2Brown Red & Yellow - Goose$1,750.00...$2,050.00...
$5Deep Green & Salmon - Goose$2,750.00...$3,075.00...

1912 Nanking Provisional Neutrality

Also known as the Cruciform issue due to the crossed shape of the overprint. In an attempt to address the controversy over the Foochow Neutrality issues, the Post Office added an additional overprint which combined with the first read "Chinese Republic Provisional Neutrality." This wording proved controversial as well, and these stamps were also quickly withdrawn from sale.

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
1 centOchre (Red Overprint) - Dragon$110.00$140.00$175.00$200.00
3 centSlate Green (Red Overprint) - Dragon$100.00$130.00$160.00$190.00
7 centMaroon - Dragon$250.00$300.00$375.00$425.00
16 centOlive Green (Red Overprint) - Carp$1,600.00...$1,600.00...
50 centYellow Green (Red Overprint) - Carp$1,350.00...$1,600.00...
$1Red & Pale Rose - Goose$1,200.00...$1,500.00...
$2Brown Red & Yellow - Goose$3,000.00...$3,000.00...
$5Deep Green & Salmon - Goose$5,500.00...$5,500.00...

Stamps of the New Republic

With the formal establishment of the new Republic it became necessary to overprint existing supplies of postage until new stamps could be printed. Three series of similar appearing overprints were produced: one series by the Maritime Statistical Customs Department; one by the Commercial Press of Shanghai; and one by Waterlow and Sons of London.

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
½ centBrown - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.20$2.00
½ centBrown - Inverted Overprint - Dragon$22.50$37.50$22.50$37.50
1 centOchre - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.20$2.00
2 centGreen - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.20$2.00
3 centSlate Green - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.20$2.00
4 centVermilion - Dragon$1.80$3.00$1.80$3.00
5 centViolet - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.80$3.00
7 centMaroon - Dragon$1.80$3.00$3.00$5.00
10 centUltramarine - Dragon$1.20$2.00$3.30$5.50
10 centUltramarine with Brownish Red Overprint - Dragon$6.75$7.00$7.25$12.00
16 centOlive Green - Carp$3.60$6.00$5.30$8.75
20 centRed Brown - Carp$1.80$3.00$4.25$7.25
30 centRose Red - Carp$2.40$4.00$5.50$9.25
50 centYellow Green - Carp$2.40$4.00$13.25$22.00
$1Red & Pale Rose - Goose$12.00$20.00$132.00$220.00
$2Brown Red & Yellow - Goose$24.00$40.00$110.00$140.00
$5Deep Green & Salmon - Goose$200.00$250.00$300.00$350.00

1912 Commercial Press

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
1 centOrange Yellow - Dragon$1.20$2.00$3.00$5.00
2 centGreen - Dragon$1.20$2.00$18.00$30.00

1912 Waterlow / London Definitives

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
½ centBrown - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.20$2.00
1 centOchre - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.20$2.00
2 centGreen - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.45$2.40
3 centSlate Green - Dragon$1.20$2.00$1.62$2.70
4 centVermilion - Dragon$1.20$2.00$2.40$4.00
5 centViolet - Dragon$1.20$2.00$6.60$11.00
7 centMaroon - Dragon$18.00$30.00$16.20$27.00
10 centUltramarine - Dragon$1.20$2.00$7.80$13.00
16 centOlive Green - Carp$9.60$16.00$21.00$35.00
20 centRed Brown - Carp$1.50$2.50$14.40$24.00
30 centDull Red - Carp$3.00$5.00$42.00$70.00
50 centYellow Green - Carp$7.25$12.00$64.00$105.00
$1Red & Pale Rose - Goose$9.00$15.00$66.00$110.00
$2Brn Red & Yellow - Goose$110.00$140.00$175.00$200.00
$5 Deep Green & Salmon - Goose$250.00$275.00$325.00$350.00

Dr. Sun Yat-sen

Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) whose image appears on dozens of Chinese stamps is often referred to as the "Father of Modern China." A revolutionary who played a significant role in the movement which overthrew the Manchu dynasty in 1911, Sun served briefly as the "provisional" first president of the Republic of China when the provisional government was established in 1912. He then went on to serve as premier of the political party Kuomintang. Sun is remembered for his doctrine, the Three Principles of the People (nationalism, democracy, and people's livelihood) as well as his manifesto, Principles of National Reconstruction.

The Commemorative Issues of 1912

On December 15, 1912 two commemorative stamp sets were issued simultaneously. These were the first new stamps issued by the new Republic, the previous Republic issues having been overprints on existing stamps. One set bears the portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and is inscribed "In Commemoration of the Revolution." The second set portrays Yuan Shih-kai and is inscribed "In Commemoration of the Republic." (Yuan Shih-kai had replaced Sun Yat-sen as president of the provisional government.) The stamps were valid until July 31, 1913. They were engraved and printed by the Chinese Bureau of Engraving and Printing, on white wove paper in sheets of 100.

1912 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Commemorative Issue

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
1 centOrange$1.80$3.00$1.50$2.50
2 centYellow Green$1.80$3.00$1.50$2.50
3 centSlate Green$1.80$3.00$1.50$2.50
5 centRose Lilac$1.80$3.00$2.70$4.50
8 centDeep Brown$2.40$4.00$2.70$4.50
10 centDull Blue$2.40$4.00$2.70$4.50
16 centOlive Green$4.80$8.00$5.75$9.60
20 centMaroon$4.80$8.00$12.00$20.00
50 centDark Green$16.80$28.00$24.00$40.00
$1Brown Red$24.00$40.00$72.00$120.00
$2Yellow Brown$200.00$215.00$240.00$260.00

1912 President Yuan Shih-Kai Commemorative Issue

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
1 centOrange$1.50$2.50$1.20$2.00
2 centYellow Green$1.50$2.50$1.20$2.00
3 centSlate Green$1.50$2.50$1.20$2.00
5 centRose Lilac$1.50$2.50$1.20$2.00
8 centDeep Brown$1.80$3.00$2.40$4.00
10 centDull Blue$1.80$3.00$2.40$4.00
16 centOlive Green$3.60$6.00$3.25$5.00
20 centMaroon$3.00$5.00$2.40$4.00
50 centDark Green$21.60$36.00$16.25$27.00
$1Brown Red$25.25$42.00$48.00$80.00
$2Yellow Brown$33.00$36.00$55.00$90.00

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These prices for Chinese stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. The value of an individual stamp is dependent on its centering and condition. Four prices are listed here for each stamp:

It is hoped that this range of prices will meet the needs of most collectors. However, a particularly nice example might sell for more than the amounts listed, while a particularly poor copy might be worth less.

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