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China Stamp Values

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1913 Junk - Reaping Rice and Gateway - Hall of Classics - London Printing - Perforated 14-15

In 1913 the Post Office of the newly established government of the Republic placed an order with Waterlow & Sons in London for a new set of definitive stamps. There were three basic designs for the new stamps: a junk (traditional Chinese ship) and railway train, representing Communications; a farmer reaping rice, representing Agriculture; and the Hall of Classics at Peking, representing Literature. These basic stamps designs would be in use until the 1930s. There were several reprints resulting in paper and design variations as well as surcharges and overprints.

The 1913 London printing was engraved and recess printed by Waterlow & Sons. There were 19 stamps in the series with values ranging from ½c to $10.00. The stamps were printed on white wove paper and the design measures 22mm x 26mm.

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
½ centBlack Brown$0.09$0.15$0.30$0.50
1 centOrange$0.09$0.15$0.30$0.50
2 centYellow Green$0.09$0.15$1.20$2.00
3 centBlue Green$0.09$0.15$2.40$4.00
4 centScarlet$0.18$0.30$3.30$5.50
5 centRose Lilac$0.18$0.30$9.60$16.00
6 centGray$0.25$0.45$1.50$2.50
7 centViolet$2.65$4.40$8.40$14.00
8 centBrown Orange$0.65$1.10$24.00$28.00
10 centDark Blue$0.30$0.50$20.00$24.00
15 centBrown$2.40$4.00$12.00$20.00
16 centOlive Green$0.54$0.90$4.80$8.00
20 centBrown Red$0.78$1.30$8.40$14.00
30 centBrown Violet$0.54$0.90$9.60$16.00
50 centGreen$1.10$1.80$20.40$34.00
$1Ochre & Black$1.20$2.00$57.00$95.00
$2Blue & Black$6.00$10.00$72.00$120.00
$5Scarlet & Black$48.00$80.00$150.00$250.00
$10Yellow Green & Black$600.00$650.00$700.00$750.00

1915 Junk - Reaping Rice and Gateway - Hall of Classics - First Peking Printing

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
½ centBlack Brown$0.09$0.15$0.20$0.35
1 centOrange$0.09$0.15$0.20$0.35
2 cent Yellow Green$0.09$0.15$0.40$0.70
3 cent Blue Green$0.09$0.15$0.60$1.00
4 cent Scarlet$0.09$0.15$5.40$9.00
5 cent Rose Lilac$0.09$0.15$2.25$3.75
6 cent Gray$0.12$0.20$5.40$9.00
7 cent Violet$2.25$3.75$6.60$11.00
8 cent Brown Orange$0.12$0.20$3.60$6.00
10 cent Dark Blue (Die I)$0.20$0.35$3.90$6.50
15 cent Brown$1.80$3.00$10.80$18.00
16 cent Olive Green$0.20$0.35$3.90$6.50
20 cent Brown Red$0.20$0.35$4.50$7.50
30 cent Brown Violet$0.20$0.35$4.20$7.00
50 cent Green$0.20$0.35$12.00$20.00
$1Ochre & Black$0.25$0.45$33.00$55.00
$2Blue & Black$1.20$2.00$66.00$110.00
$5Scarlet & Black$14.40$24.00$228.00$380.00
$10Yellow Green & Black$150.00$225.00$525.00$625.00

1919 Junk - Reaping Rice and Gateway - Hall of Classics - First Peking Printing

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
1½ centViolet$0.20$0.30$0.75$1.30
13 centBrown$0.20$0.35$1.90$3.20
$20Yellow and Black$2,000.00...$1,600.00...

1921 Yeh Kung-cho - Hsu Shi-chang - and Chin Yun-peng - 25 Anniversary of National Post Office

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
1 centOrange$1.20$2.00$3.30$5.50
3 centBlue Green$1.20$2.00$3.30$5.50
6 centGray$1.20$2.00$3.30$5.50
10 centBlue$1.20$2.00$3.30$5.50

1923 Junk Red Surcharge

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
2 cent on 3 centBlue Green$0.20$0.30$1.60$2.60

1913 Junk - Reaping Rice and Gateway - Hall of Classics - London Printing - Perforated 14-15

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
½ centBlack Brown$0.10$0.15$0.36$0.60
1 centOrange$0.10$0.15$0.21$0.35
1½ centViolet$0.36$0.60$0.72$1.20
2 centYellow Green$0.10$0.15$0.60$1.00
3 centBlue Green$0.10$0.15$1.20$2.00
4 centGray$0.30$0.50$6.60$11.00
5 centClaret$0.18$0.30$0.78$1.30
6 centScarlet$0.18$0.30$1.80$3.00
7 centViolet$0.18$0.30$1.80$3.00
8 centOrange$0.18$0.30$3.60$6.00
10 centBlue$0.12$0.20$3.00$5.00
13 centBrown$0.24$0.40$7.20$12.00
15 centDeep Blue$0.24$0.40$1.80$3.00
16 centOlive Green$0.24$0.40$2.40$4.00
20 centBrown Red$0.15$0.25$1.80$3.00
30 centPurple$0.15$0.25$7.20$12.00
50 centDeep Green$0.24$0.40$14.40$24.00
$1Orange Brown & Sepia$0.24$0.40$14.40$24.00
$2Blue & Red Brown$0.30$0.50$20.40$34.00
$5Red & Slate$1.50$2.50$36.00$60.00
$10Green & Claret$30.00$45.00$275.00$325.00
$20Plum & Blue$100.00$135.00$475.00$600.00

1923 Temple of Heaven

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
1 centOrange$0.60$1.00$1.80$3.00
3 centBlue Green$0.90$1.50$2.15$3.60
4 centRed$0.90$1.50$4.80$8.00
10 centBlue$1.20$2.00$7.20$12.00

1925 3 cent Provisional

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
3 cent on 4 centGray Junk$0.09$0.15$1.10$1.80

1927 Additional Junk

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
4 centOlive$0.10$0.15$0.60$1.00

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These prices for Chinese stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. The value of an individual stamp is dependent on its centering and condition. Four prices are listed here for each stamp:

It is hoped that this range of prices will meet the needs of most collectors. However, a particularly nice example might sell for more than the amounts listed, while a particularly poor copy might be worth less.

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