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China Stamp Values

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1936 New Life Movement Commemorative Issue

Issued January 2, 1936 by the Chinese Bureau of Engraving and Printing. There are four stamps in the issue but only three designs with the 2 cent and 5 cent values sharing the same image. The New Life Movement was an element of President Chiang Kai-shek's efforts to unify and rejuvenate China. The stamps contain symbols of the Chinese Nationalist Movement, the sun with a single line circle, and a shield representing the New Life Movement itself.

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
2 centOlive Green - Emblem$0.35$0.60$0.40$0.65
5 centGreen - Emblem$0.10$0.15$0.50$0.80
20 centUltramarine - Shield$0.33$0.55$2.40$4.00
$1Rose Red - Lighthouse$2.10$3.50$16.80$28.00

1936 Founding of Chinese Post Office Commemorative Issue

Celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Chinese Post Office with four colorful stamps depicting various postal themed scenes. The stamps were popular with collectors and the public as they represented an exciting departure from earlier designs which often featured symbols and portraits of political figures.

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
2 centOrange - Plane over the Mongolian desert.$0.10$0.15$0.20$0.30
5 centGreen - Shanghai harbor$0.10$0.15$0.25$0.40
25 centBlue - Shanghai General Post Office$0.20$0.30$1.80$3.00
$1Dark Carmine - Ministry of Communications Building in Nanking$2.70$4.50$13.20$22.00

1936-8 Earlier Issues Surcharged - Reaping Rice, Sun Yat-sen, and Huang Hsing

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
5 cent on 15 centDeep Blue$0.30$0.50$0.95$1.60
5 cent on 16 centOlive Green$0.60$1.00$1.80$3.00
1 cent on 4 centGreen$0.30$0.50$0.75$1.20
8 cent on 40 centOrange$0.40$0.70$1.10$1.80
10 cent on 25 centUltramarine$0.20$0.30$1.10$1.80

1938 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Type I Printed by Chung Hwa Book Company - Perforated 12½ - Type I - Coat Button Half Circle - Six lines of shading above head

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
$1Henna / Dk Brn$4.55$7.60$42.00$70.00
$2Dp Blue/Orange Brn$1.55$2.60$6.25$10.40
$5Red/ Grnsh Blk$5.30$8.80$16.00$22.00

1939 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Perforated 12½ Unwatermarked - Type II - Coat button complete circle

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
$1 Henna/ Dk Brn$0.30$0.50$6.25$10.40
$2Deep Blue/Orange Brown$1.45$2.40$7.65$12.80

1939-41 Dr. Sun Yat-sen Perforated 12½ Unwatermarked - Type III Coat button complete circle - Top frame line fully shaded

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
2 centOlive Green$0.10$0.15$0.09$0.15
3 centRed Brown$0.10$0.15$0.09$0.15
5 centGreen$0.10$0.15$0.09$0.15
5 centOlive Green$0.10$0.15$0.09$0.15
8 centGreen$0.10$0.15$0.09$0.15
10 centGreen$0.10$0.15$0.09$0.15
15 centScarlet$0.95$1.60$0.55$0.90
15 centDark Violet Brown$16.20$27.00$7.20$12.00
16 centOlive Gray$0.20$0.30$0.70$1.20
25 centDark Blue$0.60$0.70$0.15$0.25
$1Henna & Dark Brown$0.60$0.70$0.85$1.40
$2Dp Blue & Greenish Blk$0.25$0.40$1.55$2.60
$5Red & Greenish Black$0.25$0.40$1.10$1.80
$10Dark Green & Dull Purple$1.10$1.80$6.25$10.40
$20Rose Lake & Dark Blue$24.00$40.00$21.60$36.00

1939 150th Anniversary of the US Constitution

Denom.DescriptionUsedUsed EFMintMint EF
5 centDk Green Ultra & Rose$0.30$0.50$0.70$1.20
25 centDark Blue Rose & Ultra$0.50$0.80$0.70$1.20
50 centBrown Rose & Ultra$0.60$1.00$1.80$3.00
$1Rose Car Rose & Ultra$1.20$2.00$3.00$5.00

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These prices for Chinese stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. The value of an individual stamp is dependent on its centering and condition. Four prices are listed here for each stamp:

It is hoped that this range of prices will meet the needs of most collectors. However, a particularly nice example might sell for more than the amounts listed, while a particularly poor copy might be worth less.

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