Mercury Dime Values

The Mercury Dime (or Winged Liberty Head dime) was produced by the United States government from 1916 to 1945. The coin weighs 2.5 grams and is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper.

Values for Mercury Dimes fluctuate with current silver prices. This tie to silver prices is especially true for common dates in average condition, because most of their value is derived from the silver content rather than scarcity. Silver prices are provided in Troy ounces. On April 3, 2012 the spot price of silver was $32.68. Multiplying the price for silver by .0723 will give you the value of the silver in a Mercury Dime, also known as the melt value. On April 3 the melt value was $2.36.

Date and MintG VG F VF XF UNC BU BU-FB
1916D $903$1,615$2,375$3,800$5,700$11,400$28,500$47,500
1916S $4.75$6.70$11.40$14.30$25.70$38$214$665
1917D $3.35$5.70$7.60$14.30$28.50$143$1,045$5,225
1917S $3.35$3.80$4.80$7.60$14.30$62$428$1,330
1918D $3.80$4.80$6.70$14.30$33.30$119$665$25,650
1918S $3.35$4.80$6.70$11.40$26.60$95$713$6,650
1919D $3.35$4.80$7.60$14.30$33.30$190$1,520$30,400
1919S $3.80$4.80$9.50$19.00$47.50$190$1,045$14,250
1920D $3.35$3.80$6.70$9.50$26.60$119$713$4,750
1920S $3.35$3.80$8.60$11.40$20.90$119$1,330$7,600
1921D $81$143$238$428$760$1,425$3,325$5,700
1923S $3.35$4.80$9.50$19.00$80.80$166$1,188$6,650
Date and MintG VG F VF XF UNC BU BU-FB
1924D $3.80$5.70$9.50$28.50$76.00$166$1,140$1,330
1924S $3.80$5.70$9.50$14.30$66.50$166$1,140$1,425
1925D $5.70$8.60$14.30$57.00$156.80$380$1,663$3,325
1925S $3.80$4.80$9.50$19.00$104.50$190$1,425$3,800
1926D $3.35$5.70$7.60$14.30$33.30$128$570$2,375
1926S $9.50$16.20$33.30$71.30$308.80$855$2,850$7,125
1927D $3.35$6.70$11.40$28.50$104.50$190$1,330$8,550
1927S $3.35$4.80$6.70$11.40$33.30$285$1,520$7,600
1928D $3.80$5.70$11.40$28.50$71.30$190$855$2,850
1928S $3.35$3.80$4.80$9.50$23.80$204$428$1,900
1929D $3.35$3.80$4.80$7.60$17.10$29$76$238
Date and MintG VG F VF XF UNC BU BU-FB
1929S $3.35$3.60$4.80$7.60$11.40$36$119$570
1930S $3.35$5.70$8.60$11.40$23.80$71$190$689
1931D $7.60$11.40$13.30$19.00$57.00$86$285$380
1931S $3.80$6.70$8.60$11.40$25.70$52$261$2,375
1934D $3.35$3.60$3.80$7.60$14.30$48$76$356
1935D $3.35$3.60$3.80$6.70$13.30$38$76$523
1935S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.80$5.70$26$38$380
1936D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.80$7.60$28.50$48$285
1936S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$19.00$38$95
1937D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$5.70$23.80$43$95
1937S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$20.90$38$190
1938D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$5.70$17.10$29$57
1938S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$19.00$33$143
Date and MintG VG F VF XF UNC BU BU-FB
1939D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$8.60$29$48
1939S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$5.70$23.80$43$665
1940D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$33$52
1940S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$9.50$33$95
1941D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$24$43
1941S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$8.60$29$48
1942 42 over 41 $570$618$713$808$903$2,375$14,250$33,250
1942D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$29$38
1942D 42 over 41 $523$618$760$855$950$2,375$8,550$23,750
1942S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$9.50$29$143
1943D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$29$38
1943S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$9.50$29$67
1944D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$24$38
1944S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$29$57
1945D $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$24$38
1945S $3.35$3.60$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$29$105
1945S Micro S $3.35$3.80$4.30$4.80$7.60$28.50$95$594
Date and MintG VG F VF XF UNC BU BU-FB

These prices for Mercury Dimes are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in numismatic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection.

Some notes about grading:
  • G - Good: Major design elements are outlined but details are gone; the date may not be sharp (but should be readable) and the rim may not be complete.
  • VG - Very Good: Major design elements, letters and numerals are worn but clear.
  • F - Fine: Major elements are still clear but details are worn away.
  • VF - Very fine: Light even wear on high points, all lettering and design details are sharp.
  • XF - Extremely Fine: All design details are sharp; some mint luster remains.
  • UNC – Uncirculated: No wear at all; there may be some contact marks and there may be some dulling of the luster.
  • BU – Brilliant Uncirculated: a perfect coin with bright consistent luster and no scratches or contact marks.
  • BUFB – Brilliant Uncirculated with Full Bands: This grade is unique to Mercury Dimes. FB refers to the condition of the horizontal bands tying together the bundle on the fasces, on the coin's reverse. On well-struck examples, separation exists within the two sets of bands known as Full Bands.

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