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United States Stamp Values

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1861-62 Modified Designs Perforated 12

After the outbreak of the Civil War the government declared the existing stamps invalid for postage and quickly issued redesigned stamps. The designs of this series are similar enough to the old designs to be familiar, but nonetheless easily distinguished. These are the oldest United States stamps still valid for postage.

1 cent Franklin - blue$125.00$25.00
3 cent Washington - pink..$465.00
3 cent Washington - rose$47.50$1.65
5 cent Jefferson - buff....
10 cent Washington - yellow green$375.00$28.50
12 cent Washington - black$750.00$50.00
24 cent Washington - red lilac$900.00$140.00
30 cent Franklin - orange$675.00$95.00
90 cent Washington - blue$1,200.00$240.00

1861-66 New Values or Colors

Marks the first appearances of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln on United States stamps.

2 cent Jackson - black$145.00$30.00
5 cent Jefferson - red brown$1,800.00$275.00
5 cent Jefferson - brown$500.00$75.00
15 cent Lincoln - black$1,150.00$105.00
24 cent Washington - lilac$650.00$90.00

About U.S. Stamp Grills

Between 1867 and 1871 the Post Office Department applied embossed impressions to its stamps in a process referred to as grilling. The function of the grill was to make it more difficult to wash off cancellations in order to reuse stamps. The extent to which reuse of stamps was an actual problem is not clear. The first grills covered the entire stamp, but later examples only cover part of the stamp. Depending on the condition of the stamp, a grill can be difficult to see and study. Grills are distinguished by the size of the embossed area and by the number of "points" in the grill. They are given the letter names Z, E, F, G, H and I.

In the rose color three cent Washington stamp pictured above the "A" grill is clearly visible from the front. Typically grills are not nearly this easy to see.

1867 Designs of 1861-66 with Grills

Feature the same designs as the 1861-1866 stamps shown above, but are differentiated by their grills.

3 cent Washington - rose - "A" Grill (all of stamp)$2,300.00$750.00
3 cent Washington - rose - "C" Grill (13x16mm)$2,250.00$525.00
3 cent Washington - rose - "D" Grill (12x14mm)$2,500.00$525.00
2 cent Jackson - black - "Z" Grill (11x14mm)..$700.00
12 cent Washington - black - "Z" Grill (11x14mm)..$1,150.00
1 cent Franklin - blue - "E" Grill (11x13mm)$1,250.00$240.00
2 cent Jackson - black - "E" Grill (11x13mm)$600.00$90.00
3 cent Washington - rose - "E" Grill (11x13mm)$375.00$13.50
10 cent Washington - green - "E" Grill (11x13mm)$1,900.00$165.00
12 cent Washington - black - "E" Grill (11x13mm)$1,800.00$185.00
15 cent Lincoln - black - "E" Grill (11x13mm)..$325.00
1 cent Franklin - blue - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$750.00$240.00
2 cent Jackson - black - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$175.00$32.50
3 cent Washington - red - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$140.00$5.25
5 cent Jefferson - brown - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$1,200.00$425.00
10 cent Washington - yellow green - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$1,000.00$120.00
12 cent Washington - black - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$1,175.00$140.00
15 cent Lincoln - black - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$1,350.00$160.00
24 cent Washington - gray lilac - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$2,750.00$625.00
30 cent Franklin - orange - "F" Grill (9x13mm)$2,750.00$450.00
90 cent Washington - blue - "F" Grill (9x13mm)..$900.00

1869 Pictorial Issue - Grilled

Sometimes said to be the first commemorative stamps (other times said to be the precursors to the commemoratives leaving the distinction of "first" to the 1893 Columbians) the 1869 Pictorials were the first stamps to include themes other than pictures of great Americans. The stamps featured trains, ships, the landing of Columbus, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence among its topics. The stamps were reportedly unpopular with the public and only sold for a year.

1 cent Franklin$300.00$85.00
2 cent Horse & Rider$265.00$50.00
3 cent Locomotive$130.00$11.00
6 cent Washington$1,150.00$120.00
10 cent Shield & Eagle$800.00$70.00
12 cent "S.S. Adriatic"$900.00$80.00
15 cent Columbus - Type I$3,500.00$350.00
15 cent Columbus - Type II$1,500.00$140.00
24 cent Declaration of Independence$3,350.00$375.00
30 cent Shield - Eagle & Flags$3,000.00$275.00
90 cent Lincoln$4,000.00$1,200.00

1875-81 Reissues without Grill

1 cent Franklin - hard white paper$320.00$185.00
2 cent Horse & Rider - hard white paper$360.00$275.00
3 cent Locomotive$2,850.00$38,000.00
6 cent Washington$960.00$1,400.00
10 cent Shield & Eagle$960.00$1,150.00
12 cent "S.S. Adriatic"$1,350.00$2,050.00
15 cent Columbus$840.00$630.00
24 cent Declaration of Independence$1,200.00$830.00
30 cent Shield - Eagle & Flags$1,300.00$1,600.00
90 cent Lincoln$2,100.00$2,750.00
1 cent Franklin - Buff - soft porous paper$140.00$130.00
1 cent Brown orange (Without Gum)$200.00$120.00

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These prices for U.S. stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. The value of an individual stamp is dependent on its centering and condition. The prices listed here are for well centered, undamaged stamps. A particularly nice example might sell for more than the amount listed, while a poor copy might be worth less.

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