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United States Stamp Values

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1901 Pan-American Issue

On May 1, 1901, the Post Office Department released the Pan American series of stamps. The first stamps of the 20th Century, the series featured then-modern transportation themes, ornately illustrated, and printed using a bi-color printing process. Immediately popular, the stamps remain darlings of United States collectors.

1 cent Fast Lake Navigation - Steamship$30.00$2.85
2 cent Fast Express - Train$28.50$0.95
4 cent Automobile$130.00$14.75
5 cent Bridge at Niagra Falls$150.00$13.75
8 cent Canal Lock at Sault de Ste Marie $185.00$45.00
10 cent Fast Ocean Navigation - Steamship$260.00$22.50

1902-3 Regular Issue Perforated 12

Known by collectors as the "Gingerbread Definitives" because of their ornate borders, the regular issues of stamps released between 1902 and 1908 in several series marked a departure for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). The previous BEP definitive stamps had used the old American Banknote dies, these stamp were entirely fresh designs. The 14 different denominations featured some faces not seen on U.S. stamps before including Martha Washington (the first famous American woman to appear on a stamp), Benjamin Harrison the 23rd President, and Civil War hero Admiral David Farragut.

1 cent Franklin$16.00$0.30
2 cent Washington circle$20.00$0.35
3 cent Jackson$80.00$3.00
4 cent Grant$80.00$1.85
5 cent Lincoln$80.00$1.75
6 cent Garfield$105.00$4.25
8 cent Martha Washington$65.00$2.50
10 cent Webster$95.00$2.35
13 cent Benjamin Harrison$67.50$8.00
15 cent Clay$240.00$9.75
50 cent Jefferson$650.00$26.50
1 dollar Farragut$900.00$57.50
2 dollar Madison$1,600.00$165.00
5 dollar Marshall$3,800.00$625.00

1906-08 Regular Issue Imperforate

1 cent Franklin$23.50$17.50
5 cent Lincoln$400.00$300.00

1903 Washington Shield Perforated 12

2 cent Carmine Type I$9.00$0.30

1906 Washington Shield Imperforate

2 cent Carmine Type I$25.00$19.50

1904 Lousiana Purchase Issue

The Louisiana Purchase commemorative stamps were issued in conjunction with the opening of the World's Fair in St. Louis in 1904. The five stamps feature themes related to the 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France which effectively doubled the size of the United States.

1 cent Robert R. Livingston$47.50$4.25
2 cent Jefferson$33.50$1.75
3 cent Monroe$135.00$29.50
5 cent McKinley$145.00$22.50
10 cent Map of Louisiana Purchase$260.00$28.50

1907 Jamestown Issue

Issued in conjunction with the opening of the Jamestown Exposition of 1907 these stamps commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement (the first permanent English settlement in America) in 1607.

1 cent Captain John Smith$40.00$4.00
2 cent Founding of Jamestown$50.00$3.50
5 cent Pocahontas$220.00$23.75

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These prices for U.S. stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. The value of an individual stamp is dependent on its centering and condition. The prices listed here are for well centered, undamaged stamps. A particularly nice example might sell for more than the amount listed, while a poor copy might be worth less.

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