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United States Stamp Values

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1944 Commemoratives

3 cent Completion of First Transcontinental Railroad$0.55$0.20
3 cent First Steamship to Cross the Atlantic - Steamship Savannah$0.40$0.20
3 cent Centenary of the Telegraph$0.40$0.20
3 cent Corregidor Philippines$0.40$0.20
3 cent 50th Anniversary of Motion Pictures$0.40$0.20

1945 Commemoratives

3 cent Florida Centennial Statehood$0.60$0.20
5 cent United Nations Conference$0.35$0.20
3 cent Iwo Jima (Marines)$0.50$0.20
1 cent Roosevelt - Hyde Park$0.30$0.20
2 cent Roosevelt - Warm Springs$0.30$0.20
3 cent Roosevelt - White House$0.30$0.20
5 cent Roosevelt - Map$0.35$0.20
3 cent Army$0.40$0.20
3 cent Navy$0.40$0.20
3 cent Coast Guard$0.35$0.20
3 cent Alfred E. Smith$0.35$0.20
3 cent Texas Statehood$0.45$0.20

1946 Commemoratives

3 cent Merchant Marine - Peace and War$0.35$0.20
3 cent Honoring Those Who Have Served Honorable Discharge$0.35$0.20
3 cent Tennessee - Volunteer State - 100th Anniversary of Statehood$0.35$0.20
3 cent Iowa Statehood Centennial$0.50$0.20
3 cent For the Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge Among Men - Smithsonian Institution$0.35$0.20
3 cent Stephen Watts Kearny Expedition - Entry Into Santa Fe$0.40$0.20

1947 Commemoratives

3 cent Thomas A. Edison$0.35$0.20
3 cent Our Republic and Its Press Will Rise of Fall Together - Joseph Pulitzer$0.35$0.20
3 cent Postage Stamp Centenary$0.35$0.20
5 cent +10 cent CIPEX Souvenir Sheet of 2$1.20$0.90
5 cent CIPEX Souvenir Sheet single$1.10$0.75
10 cent CIPEX Souvenir Sheet single$1.10$0.75
3 cent The Doctor$0.35$0.20
3 cent The Utah Centennial$0.50$0.20
3 cent Frigate Constitution$0.35$0.20
3 cent Everglades National Park$0.45$0.20

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These prices for U.S. stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. The value of an individual stamp is dependent on its centering and condition. The prices listed here are for well centered, undamaged stamps. A particularly nice example might sell for more than the amount listed, while a poor copy might be worth less.

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