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United States Stamp Values

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1964 Commemoratives

5 cent C.M. Russell - American Artist$0.50$0.20
5 cent New York World's Fair$0.35$0.20
5 cent John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Â…and the glow from that fire can truly light the world$0.40$0.20
5 cent Nevada Statehood$0.55$0.20
5 cent American Music$0.35$0.20
5 cent Homemakers- Sampler$0.35$0.20
5 cent Sam Houston$0.65$0.20
5 cent John Muir - Conservationist$0.50$0.20
5 cent New Jersey Tercentenary$0.35$0.20
5 cent Register and Vote$0.35$0.20
5 cent William Shakespeare$0.35$0.20
5 cent Doctors Mayo$0.65$0.20
5 cent Verrazano-Narrows Bridge$0.35$0.20
5 cent To The Fine Arts - Stuart Davis$0.35$0.20
5 cent Amateur Radio$0.50$0.20
5 cent Christmas - Holly$1.25$0.15
5 cent Christmas - Mistletoe$1.25$0.15
5 cent Christmas - Poinsettia$1.25$0.15
5 cent Christmas - Sprig of Pine$1.25$0.15

1965 Commemoratives

5 cent Churchill Memorial$0.35$0.20
5 cent Physical Fitness - Centennial of the Sokols$0.35$0.20
5 cent Crusade Against Cancer - Early Diagnosis Saves Lives$0.35$0.20
5 cent Battle of New Orleans$0.40$0.20
5 cent Magna Carta 1215$0.35$0.20
5 cent International Cooperation Year - UN$0.35$0.20
5 cent Salvation Army - One hundred years of service$0.35$0.20
5 cent Dante 700th Anniversary$0.35$0.20
5 cent Herbert Hoover - Humanitarian - Engineer - President$0.50$0.20
5 cent Robert Fulton$0.35$0.20
5 cent Settlement of Florida$0.45$0.20
5 cent Stop Traffic Accidents - Enforcements - Education - Engineering$0.45$0.20
5 cent John Copley - American Artist$0.35$0.20
11 cent International Telecommunications Union$0.60$0.30
5 cent Adlai Stevenson$0.35$0.20
5 cent Christmas Angel$0.35$0.15
5 cent Christmas Angel - Tagged$0.75$0.35

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These prices for U.S. stamps are provided as a service to Hobbizine readers. They are derived from numerous sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these values as a guideline for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and estimating the worth of your collection. The value of an individual stamp is dependent on its centering and condition. The prices listed here are for well centered, undamaged stamps. A particularly nice example might sell for more than the amount listed, while a poor copy might be worth less.

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